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Our Journey

From Kendra Bond:


We are so very excited with all that has been happening behind the scenes these past few months. Many of you have been wondering what is going on with Peace for All Animals.


First, our existence has always been pure. We are still in a challenge with my town and the land here. This problem can be appealed, and appealed and appealed for years. We will never stop saving animals during this time. We could move to another place. We are so Blessed we have found new and appropriate partners. Much needed to expand our existing network, continue to expand our opportunities for growth and to share Peace with our followers. This was not a setback, it was a gift, it has helped us to grow our foundation with other professional entities. We are on a quest to expand, and we have been given many awesome gifts to do so. Time will tell. In the interim we plan to create a New England Momma and Baby Animal Rescue Network to help animals in need professionally. Join us!!!! We will be rescuing other kinds of baby farm animals as well.


My plan was to die here on this property, and I have not changed my mind! I want you to know that we have so many awesome backups no matter what happens. So many beautiful farms that would help in a minute if we ever need them to. What would we ever have done to make anyone think we would allow our animals to be seized when they give you 30 days? During this challenging time, I chose to step out and allow what happened to happen while allowing for growth potential and make new plans. I will never be a part of something that is not about the donkey’s well-being and best interest. We have many farms that have always been there for us. We got this!!!


This whole experience gave us a very different perspective of how we need to move forward, and we are very grateful for our new vision. With the people we have offering to help us, we need to do this professionally. We have found new quarantine centers to work with and are interviewing others. We are so excited for these new opportunities to grow this organization. When I reached out for help and for people to join me it was because I wanted them to help me with the business end. The plan is and always will be to create what each rescuer needs to run their farm. We have three farms that are ready to do what is needed to grow this organization. Rescues need to have a source of income. You can never totally depend on your supporters. When animals get sick you often need to pay large amounts to save them. My intention was to help other rescuers find a source of income and have a backup. No one has ever done what we are trying to do. I have done my best alone and I am so grateful for our team. I was given so much I thought if I helped others become rescuers or fosters, we could save more and help others. That is what we will forge forward and do.


There are many things that I know can be done better. We have been investigating how to connect with truckers, veterinarians, photographers, quarantines, and other people to help us. We are intending to bring horse foals, donkeys and other baby animals to New England. Then support those animals once they are here. We will build a quarantine ASAP!!! We will go to Texas in May to visit. We will inspect the quarantines facilities including the vet hospitals. We need to meet and know the people we will be working with. We would like to take you with us on our journey so we will be going live along the way! If you would like to sponsor us and join us on our journey that would help us so much! O my, what an Exciting Journey this has become. Our first quarantine has over 70 animals they have saved and are needing homes. When we take them from them they go and get more. Adding horses to our mix will help fill the trailer as well and bring in many new supporters. This is just so exciting! Thank you all for being a part of our journey as we move forward to save more. Dorris and I are planning a trip to Texas to connect/meet with the people in we will be working with and see their facilities. You will be invited to join us. We will be taking you live with us to Texas!!!

It is so very awesome to expand to Peace for All Animals and start to help many different kinds of animals in so many new ways. It is also so exciting to be bringing up horse foals as well and watch them be trained and loved. Stay tuned, we are so grateful for your support as we create a New England Momma and Baby Rescue community. If you are interested in saving a foal, please let us know.

The best way to predict the future is to create it!!!!

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