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What People Experience at Peace for All Animals

"In January of 2022, it will be six years that I have been volunteering at the rescue. Back in 2016, I searched for something to make me feel like my life had a purpose. I saw an article in the local paper about a mini horse rescue in East Wareham, Massachusetts. Now, I had had ponies in the past, so I thought, how much fun would this be, right? I ended up finding what I was searching for and more. The animals have taught me so much. They taught me how a little patience, lots of love, and most of all, how showing compassion and respect could win over even the most wounded soul. I thoroughly enjoy the time that I spend at the rescue. The people I volunteer with are exceptional human beings. We all have the same mindset; It’s all about the animals! I found my purpose. And with it came Peace…Peace for Ponies Rescue."


"Peace for Ponies has been a saving grace for me. I originally thought that my daughter would enjoy volunteering at the farm but found out perhaps in doing something good for her, I found a big piece of myself again. It’s been years since I had my horses, years since I’ve smelled fresh hay and shavings… Bigger than all of that is the rediscovery of that much needed connection I have with the animals. Their soft muzzles, tough horns, telling eyes… I’ve missed that so much. My life has been in turmoil for the past several years but when I walked through the magical gate to Peace for Ponies, I felt something melt away. My cares, my worries and fears. All that was left was peace. There aren’t many places on this earth that have such a restorative effect on me. This beautiful sanctuary certainly does. I believe I needed to find a part of myself that had been lost. I believe I needed to find Kendra and the rest of my farm family. We are all there for a reason. There aren’t enough words to Thank Kendra, the farm crew and all of those beautiful animals for the change they have brought into my life."


 “Everytime I walk through the gates at PFP I feel a palpable peacefulness come over me. Wrapping my arms around the necks of my donkey friends I feel their amazing healing energy wash over me. The tireless devotion of Kendra’s work along with all the amazing volunteers I’ve met are inspirational. My visits there are the highlight of my week”


"I originally came to PFP because of a class Kendra was doing. I then became acquainted with all of the animals at the rescue. I found that I no longer had a hole in my heart as I had horses most of my life and could no longer afford to keep them properly so I gave them to my daughter. Everytime I arrive at the rescue my heart sings with joy, I feel energetic like the world has been lifted off my shoulders. Every single animal has there has their own personality and story, if you are quiet and listen they will tell you. They will slowly and surely learn to trust you and depend on you for love and comfort. This has been one of my most happy experiences in my life. The animals need healing and so do we, it's a win win situation. May PFP thrive and flourish for many years to come."

-Debra N

"I have been blessed to work with donkeys. All of them have personalities of their own. I always make a point of looking them right in the eye and giving hugs whenever they let me. Peace for All Animals is a place of LOVE. 


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