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Get Involved 


Volunteering is a wonderful, hands on way of helping these beautiful animals.


We need help both in the office as well as with the animals.

We need help to grow!!!

Office Help:

  • Help with the business.

  • Social Media including updating our web page, FB and Instagram postings, writing blogs

  • Naming and filing images

  • Video editing

  • Community outreach assistance to spread the word and help with donations

  • Organizer of projects

  • Help with the latest project

  • Ambassador of program, attending and education at events, outreach

Farm Help:

  • Feeding the animals

  • Cleaning their living quarters

  • Construction of fences and living quarters for animals

  • Training the animals

  • Spiritual healing

  • Medical assistance

  • Yard & Building care 


As we begin our new journey to save baby farm animals we will need help raising money to build what is needed to save babies. We also need to set up a system for foster nurseries around New England. This will be a project that will need a tribe to ensure that babies get the help needed. Many die that are unwanted and our goal will be to help them so they do not suffer. We ask those who feel connected to helping us save babies please connect. No donation or help is too small it takes a tribe and ours is growing. 

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Fill out the form below to set up an appointment or share with us how you would like to help. 

Thanks for submitting!

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