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It Takes a Tribe


Peace for Ponies has been saving animals for 7 years now. We have helped others become rescues also. We have helped place and care for many other animals than the ones who came here for care. Right now we need help in order to continue. We need to grow so we can save more moms and babies of all kinds. Peace for All Animals is manifest. 

 Our Gifts

These past years have brought us so many people that we trust and love to work with us saving animals of all kinds. Our ability to find and save donkeys in need has grown in these past few years. We are able to get animals safely out of horrific situations and get them here with the help of so many people. 


So many ways to help. Come and volunteer a service or volunteer from home. You can donate items for our store and yard sales or a piece of art you made. Click on our donate page to see the many ways you can donate. We always have projects to enhance our farm and help animals. 

 We are Blessed with such an awesome community of people who help us in many ways. 


We are more than a rescue for animals. We are also a place where people come to heal.

Why it is important for us to save animals and help people connect to the animals? Because we have witnessed how people change when around animals.  Many people are feeling less than worthy right now. Most of the animals that come here have given up on feeling worthy. How do you create self worth within your heart? What do you do that makes your heart Sing? How do you expand your awesomeness? We create our worthiness by what we do, what we think and what we believe in. If you choose to do the things that make you feel good and follow your fascinations magical experiences manifest.  Once you let the magic in to your life your worth shall be more apparent. 

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