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Unexpected Challenges

- Bad News About Our Farmland -
Soon after Chronicle was here to honor Kendra for her compassion for the donkeys, we learned of a previously unknown land dispute with our longtime neighbor. 

Over 20 years ago we made an agreement with our neighbor and collaboratively designed and put up a fence. We agreed upon and staked the line, the markers were placed to compliment the lay of the land, and the landscaping and topography allowed for her to retain an indent at the back to allow easy access for her children to sled down the hill. It was important for her to retain easy access to her tree, and we worked around it so that everyone was on the same page.


Now, the story has changed. Our neighbor wants to move the fence line that she agreed to those 20 years ago. We have offered to purchase the land, and though it is a matter of 2 feet in some places and 16 feet in others, she will not sell.

Sadly, the new line cuts directly through our only barn, coop and pig areas which houses both our chickens and pig. We use this barn for foaling, and it is where all our babies are born. 


That orange stick shown near the door is the true line. This would mean we would have to place all of our animals and only be able to do one or two animals at a time. We have just completed creating our new organization Peace for All Animals so we can save farm animal babies and create a community of nurseries. We are planning on so many wonderful things to help animals and our community.


This is Sophia's home, she will lose her home and paddock area. 

This is the back of the foaling barn (10x20), we also have a small barn (10x14) in the paddock and Sophia's pen. This is behind our barn. We would have to move the barn and there is nowhere to move it to. Note the landscaping, the hedge goes into her yard somehow. The landscaping was all done by the previous owner. 


This is at the back of the property and so as you can see we are not asking her to give up much land. The fence has been up for twenty years and she has three times as much land. 

Please consider joining us and donating to help us expand. Right now, we are not sure what that will look like. Click below to go to our GoFundMe.

Please join us as we begin our new journey to prepare this farm to save farm babies. These babies will be cared for and trained to be Therapy animals. To be on our mailing list, please fill in the box below. 


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