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Becoming a Sponsor

Thank you for considering to be a sponsor!

Without sponsors we would not be able to help so many!!!

There are 2 ways to become a sponsor!

1. You can be a monthly sponsor to help us run our Farm. This includes electric, insurance and other monthly bills, upkeep of the farm, manure removal, medical needs, products- supplements, enlightenment toys, and double ended clips. So much is needed every month to keep the animals healthy and safe! 

2. You can choose a specific animal to sponsor and receive access to information and pictures of that specific animal. Your donation will pay for their hay, grain, shavings, vet bills, vaccinations and treats/veggies. Kendra will be creating a FB page specifically for sponsors. You can sponsor for as much as you like or for as little as $1.

NOTE: After clicking the button, you can donate with Paypal or Donate with a Debit or Credit Card.

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Sponsoring an Animal

Fostering allows us to save more but Sponsors are needed!

Fostering an animal involves taking responsibility for their food, board and caring for their needs. This can get timely and costly. To make it easier, Sponsors are needed and they will sponsor an animal by paying a monthly fee. Then the Foster knows they have what is needed. 


Our Story

The reason that we have created a foster program is because there just isn't enough room on this little farm here to save as many as we are capable of saving now that you have all joined us and are helping. Therefore our intention is to save more animals and place them into foster care. I have a number of people who have offered to foster, many who have adopted our Donkeys already. So this would allow us to save more and have them go into foster care until we can place them. This is so awesome. Sponsors help us on our journey and the animals below are those currently in need. 

 Our Residents

By choosing to sponsor our residents you are helping us to pay our monthly bills for feed, their Farrier work, any veterinarian work they need, their toys, their supplements, the shavings and the upkeep for their area. They all do their part here teaching people why we should save them.


Meet William and Ben, our teachers, AKA the Bad Boys who tag team my volunteers. William and Ben were born here and they have learned through the years how to support other Donkeys. You can go back on our Facebook page and you can watch them teach the new jacks that come here how to be kind. They teach them boundaries and they also teach us to pay attention because they're both really bad boys and love to tag team the volunteers. Especially the new ones! Their gift is priceless to us because when the animals come in and they have fear in their eyes and they look into their eyes they see peace and happiness and joy and they watch them play. William and Ben teach the ones that come here how to be Donkeys. They are also very aware when you need a hug and will sit there and hug you for as long as you need. Their antics have made us smile and their love has opened our hearts. If you'd like to sponsor these boys monthly or just for one month, click below. Their sponsorship money will go to keeping our place perfect and escape proof. Their sponsors pay for grain and shavings, vet bills, and the Farrier - they are usually trimmed every six weeks. They do go through a lot of toys that we replace, because they love to play.

NOTE: After clicking the button, you can donate with Paypal or Donate with a Debit or Credit Card.

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Meet Sophia. Sophia came to us because she got too big for the trailer she lived in. She is a big girl and very spoiled. She allows the kids to see what a real pig looks like and how clean she is. Her sponsors pay for her food, farrier, toys, treats and to keep her area comfortable for her.

NOTE: After clicking the button, you can donate with Paypal or Donate with a Debit or Credit Card.

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 You can sponsor an animal for any amount for a one time donation or a monthly donation. Just click the button near the animal with it's name. If the sponsorship ends you will be notified on FB and by e-mail If you do not stop payments, your donation will still be made and go into general donation. 

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