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Our Projects 

Peace for All Animals has been expanding to do more to save animals and improve peoples' lives. We are changing from being a private to a public Charity. This will help us fundraise differently and save more babies. We have witnessed the healing that takes place here from just being with the animals. We would like to partner with those offering a place for people to go to learn balance.

Project 1.
Moving the barn & make new enclosures:

We need to move the barn off my neighbor's property, but there is no way to get heavy equipment in here, so we may need to find a manual way to move the barn. Then we need to build new smaller enclosures for our rescues. 

 baby in pen.jpeg
Project 2.
To save Babies of all kinds 

Create a network of nannies who will retrieve the animal and bring them to their barn to heal or to the hospital/vet. Babies that are orphaned or who have lost their moms too soon always need to be attended to immediately. So many die because there is no place to call or go to find help. We aim to specialize in caring for and placing babies, while also offering others who need healing to come and be with them. 


DSC_4976 - Version 2.jpg
Project 3.
Animal Assisted Therapies
We have witnessed the gift of what the rescues share with those who come sit with them. The animals need love and tenderness and it is returned ten fold. We are developing a program for people to come for therapy with the animal of their choice. With more space and a better set up we could rescue and save animals and help them become Therapy Animals while doing therapy.  


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