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 Help us Save these two beautiful Mommas and their Babies. 


Even one dollar would help.

After finding out about these two pairs in a kill pen near Diana, I knew we had to get them out right away and so did Diana, who rushed to get them to her farm. They may not have been to an auction yet, but they have numbers already attached to their rumps to make that journey to the auction and to be exposed to all sorts of things. Diana went there to get these two pairs out ASAP.

That said, the cost of these two were $900 a pair and the transport to Diana’s farm from the kill pen is $200. That includes a few things that I asked Diana to pick up for them. We will need to quarantine and board them and get them Coggins tests and have certificates before they can go to homes.

With gas prices being so high, I am not sure that we can bring the Jennies up right now (after QT) because of transportation costs which could be up to $2000 from Texas. We feel it is better to bring the babies up to help them heal together. We are also looking for another miniature jenny with a baby for a match for both Pearl and Zoomer.

We are such a small farm with a truly dedicated group of volunteers, but still there is only a limited amount that we can do. We try to do as much as we can with the resources that we have. If we bring the two Jennies up here, they would have to go into foster care and have sponsors. We heard of an orphan too that was with this group of donkeys. It may not have actually been an orphan, but we are trying to find out what happened.

There is a donate button below where if you choose, you can make a donation.

Please remember, even one dollar would help these souls get on their journey to safety.

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