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Our Mission


  • To continue sinking roots into our land and community

  • To grow and expand our organization to help as many baby animals and people as possible

  • To facilitate the rescue of any and all kinds of baby animals in need

  • To support our animal's emotional, physical, and mental healing and continued wellbeing

  • To transform the sick and weak into Therapy Animals through love and compassion    

  • To find animals their Forever Homes as Therapy Animals, and continue to follow their journey

  • To create opportunities for people to connect with animals in mindful ways

  • To educate others to be a part of the change

  • To create a safe space where community members can come and find balance, seek growth, and experience healing through animal caretaking


 We have recognized that they heal us as

much as we heal them!

From Slaughter Pen to teacher.... 

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We post videos daily to Facebook of our rescues of their healing and their awesomeness.

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For tax purposes

EIN # 84-2434678

Peace For All Animals is a humane, no kill animal rescue, foster placement and adoption shelter in East Wareham, MA - Serving the South Coast, South Shore and Cape Cod Massachusetts area.




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