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Tiny & Buddy's Big Adventure!
Let's Play a Game!!!

Starts Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The game begins when they pull out of Blake's View Farm in NH. The odometer's beginning mileage (57,058) is shown below. It ends when they pull into our driveway!!!


Guess what you think the ending mileage will be!!!!!!

The person with the closest guess to the ending mileage on the odometer will win $100 and a 11x14 framed picture. The winner can chose any photo from this link:


330226131_1547828882411611_4688364220993430152_n (1).jpeg

If you go on our Facebook page you can learn all about them.

Dorris will be leaving on February 22nd from New Hampshire to pick them up in Texas.

You can follow their journey on our Facebook page - we post pictures and videos of their journey. These two babies were in a kill pen in Texas. They gave them a bucket of milk replacer and hay. Tiny could only suckle, so therefore he could not eat properly. He almost died and spent time in the hospital. Thankfully he survived with his friend Buddy by his side. They are too small to put on a trailer so we have rented a van - we have fitted it with exactly what they need.

See below to see how to play! 

Here's How To Play!

1. $5.00 gives you one guess for what the total mileage will be when they get to Peace for Ponies. If there is a tie, the winner (that William pulls) will get the $100 plus a framed picture. All of the guessers who were in the tie will get a 11x14 framed picture.


2. Fill out the form below and click the DONATE button. You will be directed to Paypal. You can use your own Paypal account OR scroll down and click to use your credit card.

3. Click on this link to go to our Facebook page every day to see their progress on the trip. The guess that comes closest to the actual ending mileage wins! Good luck!

Your guess and donation information will be sent via email to Peace for Ponies.

A receipt for your tax deductible donation will be emailed directly to you.

Let the Guessing Begin!

Peace for Ponies is a nonprofit rescue organization. We rely on your donations & fundraising activities to save and care for our animals. Help us continue our work saving animals and finding them "forever" homes. Thank you!

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