Kong is Going to be Fostered 

 at The Forever Farm


Our mission here at Peace for Ponies is to rescue animals that find themselves in situations that would either endanger their life or end their life. We primarily rescue donkeys that have been sent to auctions to most likely be sold for slaughter and then we find approved forever homes for them. 


Kong, a mammoth donkey, captured my eye when I saw him as Diana was looking at the two Jennies with babies that we have saved in a kill pen. Something about him just told me that we had to rescue him. He was sick and the vet was called and he has healed now. With everybody’s generosity, we were able to save him and get him out of the kill pen. I have no room on my small farm to accommodate a mammoth donkey, so I asked my backup, Nichole, at The Forever Farm to keep him until he finds his ‘forever home’.

We also need ‘off site’ rescue guardians who will help get him here also. He is due here the first week in October. Right now we are in the process of rescuing several new donkeys, there are just so many in need!


Please consider donating, whether it be a dollar or more, it will allow us to help get him to his forever home. The rescue angels at the farm are all volunteers. No one gets paid. As each rescue finds their own forever approved home, we will be rescuing another. We are so grateful for any support that you can give. You are the wind beneath our wings. Thank you.