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About Us

Our Mission

  • To rescue all kinds of animals from from abusive living situations

  • To support their emotional, physical and mental healing

  • To find their Forever Homes and continue to follow their journey

  • To create opportunities for people to connect with animals in a mindful way 

  • To educate others to be a part of the change

 Kendra Bond

 Kendra Bond is the President and the Director of the rescue. She worked with horses when she was younger and could not believe what happens in kill pens to babies and pregnant jennys. She is dedicated and focused on helping animals in her community and those in kill pens. 


Hi. My name is Pam. I have been a volunteer at Peace for Ponies for almost 3 years and I am also on the board. I am a retired nurse and now I am caring for animals. Doing the day to day chores is the perfect way to get close to them. I also accompany our trucker, Lisa, when we pick up and deliver our animals. To see them step off the truck scared, depressed and emaciated is overwhelming. We immediately start loving on them and begin their journey to recovery. We give them the love, protection and reassurance they need to heal. And they return the love to us tenfold. The hardest part is saying goodbye even though we know they are going to wonderful homes. Caring for these animals and being part of this amazing group of people has forever changed me. Please join us and see for yourself.

Join Our Team!

We Rely Completely on Fundraising and Donations


We know our dedicated community. Though we will plan events, it is all of you rallying around our cause, who enable us to help these beautiful ponies and other animals.


We hold yard sales, bake sales and other events, create naming contests for our new rescues and reach out to you all in an effort to help our little guys. Every single penny raised goes directly to the care, training and keep of these beautiful animals to their "Forever Homes". 


To learn more about our dream, Click Here.

Please Click Here to see how YOU can help save these beautiful animals.

Find out how you can check out our LIVE web cam. You might catch a baby being born!

Michelle Carr's students from Northeastern University have graciously created this beautiful video about who we are, what we do and why we do it.

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